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Ticket prices

Ticket prices

(Valid from 1st July 2020)

Adult ticket (over 18 years)1 600 Ft
Child's ticket (3 -18 years)1 100 Ft
Senior ticket (with valid ID card)1 100 Ft
Registration fee (under 3)100 Ft
Supporter ticket3 000 Ft


Discount tickets 
Family ticket (for 2 adults with 1 child)3 300 HUF
Family ticket (for 2 adults with 2 children)4 400 HUF
discount ticket for additional ticket900 HUF
Guests with disabilitiesfree
Group ticket for adults (over 18 years, at least 15 persons)1 200 HUF/person
Group ticket for children (under 18 years, at least 15 persons)900 HUF/persons
Group ticket for preschool groups (at least 15 persons)600 HUF/person
Group ticket for seniors (with valid ID card, at least 15 persons)900 HUF/person
Teachers with groups (1 adults with every 10 children)200 HUF


Annual Pass 
Adult pass (valid for 365 days)9 000 HUF
Child pass (valid for 365 days)7 000 HUF



The purchased ticket entitles one entry!
In the event of bad weather conditions we are not able to refund the ticket price.

Accepted credit cards:

We accept:

Additional discounts:


Miskolc Pass Classic card
10% discount.



Miskolc Pass card
free entry for 1 person!



50% discount for 2 persons.